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Worked then, works now!

Real remedies that have worked for thousands of years.


Welcome to Ancient Traditionals

Real remedies that have worked for thousands of years

Ancient Traditionals offers only true remedies that have hundreds, if not thousands, of years behind them. You won’t find any “new age” fake, boilerplate potions here—only tried and true formulas that have been found to be effective. Click here for more about this.

What makes
us better?

Lab-tested, pure herbs that work

We use only fully-researched, high-quality, lab-tested, unique herbs that do what they’re supposed to do—untainted, unfumigated, untouched. Click here for more about this.

Pure Herbs

Many herbal products on the market are compromised. Not ours!

Specialized Formulas

These formulas come from ancient texts and well-researched original sources—not from some “self-taught nutrition guru.”

True Herbal Medicine

Many true remedies often need to be taken for only a few days—not your whole life (as modern-day marketers would have you believe).

You don’t have to keep buying it

No need to “supplement” forever; four days’ worth is all you need!


Dǎn Dào Pái Shí Tāng

Expels stones from the gallbladder (click here for more info & instructions). $39.99

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